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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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there, as well, to sing songs for the pope. this owe found was a kaunl theme here for each town pope francis s visited. children who are prepared to sing songs of praise. now, earlier in e dabay the pope blessed the city of 1 million people. he did that at cross hill. a franciscan frier climbed to the top of that hill in 1780 with a cross on his back and that cross was to protect the city and this is the highest point in hoguin. people go there to pray and to leave offerings a well. marriages and such and the pope understands the importance of this particular place to this town. some of the people who were able to see the holy father today told us why they f l he's important. >> help in the cuban people in the relationshipnith uni ed states and cuba.
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>> this is the most important person for us. for all catholic person. >> now, pope francis celebrated mass earlier in the day in holguin. according to the vatican, 700,000 people turned out for that mass. they sat in the blagz sun and high temperatures to worship. cuban president raul castro was there. he did get a personal greeting from pope francis when the mass was over. this is the town, after all, where he and fidel castro were born. the pope is expected to meet with bishops and that is a municipality in santiago. we are told there will be a prayer at the shrine of our lady of charity. our lady of charity is the patroness of cuba and is a busy, busy day for pope francis in santiago de cuba. he will be going on until this ening and we'll bring that to you. chuck? >> darlene, what kind of reactions are you getting from
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cubans in havana about the pope's visit? >> absolutely. i can tell you that every single person we talked to that's all they're talking about here in cuba. this is a country that used to be very largely catholic. after the revolution, abolished and threw churches out and in this country less than 30%, depends on whew you ask, identify as catholic. for them to feel the impact, it shows pope francis is a very significant figure and they're grateful to have him here. reporting live from cuba, darlene rodriguez. and don't forget we've created a special section on our website with everything you need to know about the pope's visit. head to you can see all the pictures that darlene rodriguez took of the pope's visit in cuba. shows a cab driver's final moments before he was shot dead early this morning in the bronx. you can see mamadou barry's cab driving near 189th street before
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pulling over and then driving into several cars. police later found barry's body inside his car with a gunshot wound to his head. the 39-year-old cab driver was married, a father of three with a fourth child on the way. >> somebody killed my husband for no reason. he's a nice man. he never did nothing to nobody. he worked hard for his kids and his wife. he loved his family. >> barry is a second cab driver killed in the bronx in less than a week. the fifth murdered in the last 18 months. investigators say the new jersey police officer pedro had a three times the legal limit killing a fellow officer and a friend and critically injuring a third cop. today he turned himself in. news 4 brian thompson is live with more for us. brien? >> chuck, finally, finally today we saw and heard from officer pedro abad jr., as you say, stands accused of causing the
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death of two of his friends, critically injuring the third and all of this happening in that horrific crash on the west shore expressway on staten island. a bangd up pedro abad jr. arrives to face a judge on a 27-count indictment six months after a deadly accident on staten island. two of his friend, one a fellow cop died. abad and another front, also a linden cop were critically injured. he was drunk when he drove his car wrongway slamming head on into a truck. his attorney says he's remorseful. >> absolutely. absolutely. he's distraught. he's distraught. he's upset. what would you expect? >> reporter: abad stood on crutches in the courtroom. the judge set bail at $25,000. abad surrendered his driveerse'slysin. >> right now very little loose of his lower extrem taz and very little use of his left arm and some speech deficit. >> reporter: his one-word
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answers were heard in court, he still needs to use a wheelchair for mobility. the i-team was first to report that he would face charges for the crash and broke the news that his blood alcohol was three times the legal limit at the time of the wreck. twice in recent years abad has been charged with dwi pleading guilty in the case caught on the arresting officer's dash cam. as for the other survivor of this march 20th crash, a fellow officer also recovering and in an exclusive interview, linden police said he hopes to return to duty. >> he is very optimistic, as his doctors are optimistic. and i would say that there is a very good chance that he will return. however, the chief did not give any date on when the officer may return to the force. now, the relative of one of the victims tells me bitterly that she'll have plenty to say about all of this when in her words officer abad is convicted. while we have also learned that
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have planted a rose garden therapy backyard that is in the shape of his police badge. live in linden, i'm brian. newest subway station is much lower than expected. >> the mta says only 7,000 riders per day use the new hudson 7 train entrance in its first week and that's half of what transit officials predicted. >> the closer of a high line entrance near the station plus office towers that are still under construction and not yet open for businesses contributed to the lower ridership. coming up news 4 at 6:00 continues. joining the fight against dangerous synthetic marijuana. what the businesses are promising to do. it's early, but mayor de blasio has a challenger in the 2017 election who is definitely not afraid to hit his opponents hard. plus, janice huff has the workweek forecast. >> looks like a fall morning around the tri-state. right now we're tracking rain showers and there are clouds around the area right now.
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but i'll let you know what that means in the forecast coming up next.
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nearly 2,000 bo owners are pledging to get synthetic marp off their doors. 700 people to bronx emergency rooms in the last four months alone. right now selling k2 is considered a minor offense and carries a $500 fine. mayor de blasio officially has a challenger. former new york jets player michael faulkner announced his candaens for mayor. faulkner who is now a minister and businessman is seeking the republican nomination. he promises to foster unity by taking on issues that impact all
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new yorkers. >> i am running not because i believe i'm the smartest guy in the world, nor will i have to be the smartest guy at the table. but i will be the unifying factor. the one who brings us together. and can lead us to the path of unity. >> faulkner played for the jets in 1981. he also ran for congress in 2010. losing to long-time harlem democrat char l.a. rangel. coming up when new 4z at 6:00 returns. we're live on longened island and attack of a father in front of
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lester holt is joining us now with a look at what is ahead on nbc "nightly news." >> lots on the pope tonight and tom costello with a story your viewers are certainly familiar with. train versus vehicle accidents. tragic and high-profile cases
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here in the new york metro area. believe it or not, the problem is as bad or worse across the country as we're going to show you tonight. >> we have seen some awful, awful crashes in this area. but is it getting better? >> doesn't seem to be. you would think every time there is a crash people would be more cautious. but the number of wrecks and fatalities are rising. drivers could still get around a lot of the places. so large and the speed will fool you, but it can be on you like that. >> thanks. well, now to a shocking incident. road rage on long island. >> according to witnesses, a man in a red lexus forced another car off the road exited his car and punched the other driver. tonight an arrest. news 4 greg cergal has the latest from baldwin. >> the victim in this road rage incident is home tonight here in injuries. comment thus far. but in these court documents, he does tell state police of a
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heroing tale that turned a sunday afternoon drive into a nightmare. the driver of this white pickup tells state police he was about to change lanes on the meadowbrook parkway when he was forced to swerve to avoid a speeding lexus. the lexus' driver then became so angry, he used his car to cut off and block the truck bringing both vehicles to a dead stop on the busy parkway. >> it's hard to describe 2:00 in the afternoon on a sunday with traffic the way it is on the meadowbrook that anybody would be that reckless to stop another vehicle. >> reporter: the major says he was so reckless, in fact, that he then left his car with his 2-year-old son inside in the middle of the parkway to confront and attack the other driver. >> the operator was in the driver's seat, window opening attempting to apologize when mr. he got out of his vehicle and punched him numerous times.
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>> reporter: quote a witness saying "the black male started punching the driver in the face through the window. i ran up to the vehicle and the driver was unconscious." state police say hinton then fled the scene, but investigators used a license plate number provided by witnesses to arrest him at his uniondale home. the pickup driver, whose name hasn't been released, was treated at a miniola hospital for a fractured jaw and nose. hinton has pleaded not guilty to assault and other charges. >> no drugs or alcohol played a role, just a road rage incident that went extremely bad. >> reporter: in his statement to police the victim who is 27 years old says he actually apologized to the other driver before he was beaten. rouson hinton $25,000 bail and a court appearance today and his grandmother. we're live in baldwin tonight, greg cergol, new 4z new york. >> thank you.
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former tennis star james blake has just emerged from his meeting with mayor deblasio. this is the meth he called for after an undercover nypd officer took him down outside midtown hotel in a case of mistaken identity. moments ago blake told authorities that the meeting was productive and also looking to have a lasting impact and not a quick lawsuit. time for the weather, once again. this is what they often call good sleeping weather, jan. >> really good sleeping weather. this cool breeze that came through the area last night and this morning really chilled things down across the area. now, we're left with clouds and still some cool temperatures and some sprinkles on radar. i'll let you know if you need your umbrella coming up. look outside from the top of the rock camera. sky looks ominous and looks like it is about to pour as we look towards the south. most of those are just sprinkles and a lot of that is evaporating before it reaches the ground. we're not looking at heavy rain. mostly cloudy skies and a temperature of 70. still quite mild in the park
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after a very chilly start. 59 ifdegrees in central park this morning. 41 in monticello. you see the comparison. north and west you're quite cool. everybody generally in the 40s or 50s this morning to start out and not that warm today, but still nice and temperatures are actually a degree below average for a change. 72 for the afternoon high temperature in the park and stay in the 60s all day long to the north and west. another day of cool temperatures. another cool night and another cool day for tuesday feeling like fall and fall officially arrives on wednesday. just before the pope arrives on thursday. we've got a break down of that forecast, too. the city will be very crowded and people coming to middifferent town for the mass at st. patrick's cathedral. have to dress for warm weather because temperatures will be in the mid-70s. on friday a very busy schedule. of course, united nations and the 9/11 memorial early in the morning. the temperatures are actually going to be mild. friday is going to be a warm day up tew bout 80 degrees. right now tracking some light showers and sprinkles over
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staten island and near the new jersey turnpike and back into pike county. but nothing heavy at all and at most you'll see a sprinkle here and there this evening. right now in the 60s at staton en island near 70 right now near morristown 60s north and west except when you get to monticello little cooler in the 50s. winds aren't as strong and windy as they were earlier today. that's the saving grace. not too much of a chill in the air. light breeze out of the east. that keeps it cool. for the rest of this evening and the city, the temperatures will be in the 60s and you could see the clouds to our west. there's some clearing back across the great lakes. we'll get that eventually. the clear skies coming on wednesday. and time for fall's arrival. so are the 80 degree temperatures. they come back, too. i know, it seems kind of odd. thursday we're back up to 80, as well. then the 70s on friday. nice weekend back to the 70s for daytime highs.
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>> sibila the mets lost last night to the yankees. but that's not why their fans are frustrated today. coming up in sports, fans continue to complain about matt harvey and his innings limit. and today the mets skipper sounded off on the burning issue. and the giants who circled the wagons last week are soul searching this week. we'll hear from eli manning in a moment on "news 4 new york at
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last night against the yankees in his five innings of work. but in a move the sell-out crowd knew was coming he lifted his ace after 77 pitches to protect his surgically repaired elbow. collins was seen consoling a visibly upset harvey in between innings. today it is daily press conference when consistenly forced to defend the decision, it was collins' turn to lose his cool. >> taking matt out after five innings last night, was i disturbed? but that's what it is. so, i did it. for the good of matt, hopefully, and for the good of the organization in the future. if it keeps us from winning the pennant, i'm not going to be very happy about it. but it is what it is. you have to adapt to it. >> you have to respect terry's passion. the yankees begin a huge three-game series with toronto north of the border. the bronx bomber start today 2 1/2 games behind the blue jays. it's the final time the two teams will meet in the regular
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season. in the nfl, the 1-0 jets take the field tonight for the second time this season. they'll have their hands full in indianapolis against andrew luck and the high-flying colts. >> does everything. he's one of those quarterbacks. he's big, he has size, he can run. he can beat you with his brain. he can beat you with his arm and beat with you his feet. probably one of the best in the league. easily one of the best in the league and got our work cut out for us. >> after spraining his xee in the opener, quarterback will play tonight. well, another disheartening loss for the giants who yesterday became the first team in nfl history to blow back-to-back ten-point fourth quarter leads to open a season. but all is not loss for big blue. the rest of the nfc east is also in shambles. here's eli manning in a conference call earlier today. >> well, you always look around the division and see what's going on. obviously, the cowboys are 2-0, but, like you said, they have
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some injuries and some things going on. so, you know, it is, a lot could happen in these next 14 games and there's a lot of football to be played and we have to understand we got to win some games. we have to get back, we have to, you know, we have to start finding ways to win and, you know, everybody that plays has to improve a little bit. >> it is early, but you have to play better. >> all right, bruce, thanks. nbc "nightly news" is straight ahead. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00. . tonight, breaking news. scott walker suddenly dropping out of the race as outsiders like ben carson surge in the polls. so carson faces controversy tonight, doubling down on his comment about muslims. >> and protecting the pope and unprecedented security prepsond eve of his historic visit.
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s.w.a.t. teams and snipers by the ready by land, sea and air. homes in ashes. crews go all out to attack a new fire in california after batting one of the most destructive in state history. nearly 1800 buildings up in flames. and deadly gamble. an alarming rise in crashes from drivers trying to beat trains at crossings. you wone believe how many people our cameras caught tempting fate. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. we begin with a story that broke late today in the race for president as the crowded republican field suddenly just got smaller. this afternoon wisconsin governor scott walker announced he is throwing in the towel and dropping out of the race. the early exit by a man once seen as a formidable contender for the nomination, underscores once again how much of the course
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defied the pundits at every turn. peter alexander has late details. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. >> this evening's announcement punctuated a dramatic and humiliated fall for scott walker who hoped his departure would stop donald trump. >> but popular wisconsin governor concluding he no longer has a path to the republican nomination. he led the polls in iowa. last week pinning his hopes on the neighboring state. >> we're putting all of our eggs in a basket for iowa. >> but he dropped in the recent national poll. the harally riding 47-year-old has been touted as a strong republican leader made for the national stage. wisoth a personal biography and evangelical roots to
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hampered by missteps. claring his -- comparing it to islamic militants. >> and a wall near the border. and flip flopping on birth right citizenship. >> people are very, very impresses. >> scott walker is the first victim of donald trump. >> and while walker didn't endorse anyone there is indications who might benefit. marco rubio's campaign announced one of his top staffers in new hampshire joined their team. the other potential beneficiary, another conservative, ted cruz. peter. >> and well so-called establishment candidates have watched the poll numbers slide, out sliders like donald trump and kaef continues to surge ahead. for carson, much of the scrutiny focused on something he said about muslim yesterday on "meet the press." controversial remarks
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